Personal Information


15) Medical Information

  • It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have made adequate provision to meet any known medical conditions (i.e. medication, inhalers, epi-pen, etc.) We will be happy to advise on any queries that you or your physician may have prior to your arrival, but we require that you take our medical insurance to cover the period of the program.
    A Hospital and Urgent Care are within a 1/4 mile of the facility. You will need to carry your insurance card at all times just in case you need to use it.
    For your peace of mind (and ours) we feel it is appropriate to ask you to provide the following personal details to allow us to meet your needs to the best of our ability. This will not affect your acceptance into the program.

Release of Liability

  • Please take a moment to review, fill out, sign and return the Release of Liability Form. You can do so by downloading the form and sending it back to us through email, or uploading it.

    Included in the Form are the Photo/Video Release and Character Agreement.

  • Release of Liability Download

Doctrinal Statement

  • Doctrinal Statement Agreement

On the Edge Rules and Guidelines

  • OTE Rules & Guidelines

Closing Instructions

  • Once you've completed the online portion of the application there are documents that need to be physically signed and sent back to us. They are:

    •Minor Consent Form
    •Medical Consent Form
    •Release of Liability (including Photo/Video Release
    and Character Agreement)
    •Doctrinal Statement,
    •OTE Rules and Guidelines.

    You can either mail, fax, or upload these documents to us. Winter Application Upload Link

What to Bring


Travel Arrangements