Reference Form

If you have received this link from a potential On the Edge Team Member it means they’re asking you to be a reference. We ask that you be as honest as possible so it can help us make as best of a decision in picking our staff.

Applicant's Information

If you know it

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 permits students the right to inspect their files. Because of the importance of preserving the confidentiality of a reference, the Act permits an applicant to waive his right of access to the reference. By agreeing below, the applicant willingly waives his right of access to see the this recommendation knowing that this waiver is NOT required as a condition for admission.

Please sign stating you agree and understand the statement above.
To the Reference

The above named applicant has applied to join the “On the Edge” this year. Only
those Christian men and women who are seeking to grow and mature in their walk will be considered for this program. We have found that the nature of the program may not be appropriate for everyone — being away from home and familiar things can be a breaking experience for some. This can be a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to the Lord, it is aimed for those who have a solid foundation to build on and / or those who are “on the edge” in their faith and are in need of encouragement and discipleship. Our heart is to work with the Holy Spirit and invest in lives, to equip
the saints for the work of ministry.

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Character Assessment

Please rate the applicant in the following areas on the scale of ‘1-10’ with a ‘1’ being low and ’10’ being high. You can do so by clicking on the dropdown list for each question. Please mark with a ‘?’ if you have no way to judge the particular characteristic.

Ability to faithfully assume and carry out duties or obligations.
Ability to adjust to changes in circumstances
Ability to move ahead in the face of adversity
Ability to synthesize information and choose a direction
Social demeanor or confidence
Ability to work with other people
Ability to present, evaluate, and exchange thoughts with clarity
Demonstrates maturity and consistency in Christian walk
Relationship with local church
Response to stressful situations
Active, positive influence on others for Christ on personal basis
Abilities and skills necessary for development quality leadership
Abilities and skills necessary for development of quality leadership
Pastoral Reference Information
Personal Reference Information