- ways to raise money -

Fundraiser Ideas

We know it might be difficult to pay the full tuition out-of-pocket. Don’t give up, keep praying! Where God guides, He will provide. Here are some ideas to help you raise funds to cover the cost of the program:

Speak to Your Family

Talk to them about your desire to come to On The Edge, and ask if they would be willing to help!

Support Letters

Mail support letters to your family and friends asking for prayer and financial support.

Payment Plan

Contact On the Edge about setting up a payment plan.


Create a GoFundMe fundraising campaign and share it on social media.

Bake Sale

Have a bake sale. They’re great and an easy way to raise money. We recommend you don’t establish a specific price for each item, but that you would allow customers to give generously.

Garage Sale

Throw a garage sale by cleaning out your closet of anything you don’t use or want.


A carwash is a common but classic way to fundraise money. Ask church members if they would like to volunteer to wash cars with you! You can either set a price or all people to donate their money as they feel led.


Organize a church-wide auction. Encourage members of your church to put together themed baskets (i.e. a “Movie Night Basket” complete with DVD’s, popcorn, candy, etc., or a “Baby Basket” with diapers, pacifiers, clothes, and baby wipes), specialty handmade items (i.e. quilts, artwork, scarves, hates, etc.), and one or two high-ticketed items (i.e. a TV, guitar or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant). You can also auction off services like babysitting, yard work, or house repairs.

Karaoke Night

Sell tickets for a karaoke night at your church. The catch is this: the ones who will be participating are your church staff/leadership, and you get to choose the songs they will sing. Ticket pricing is up to you!

Movie Night

Sell tickets at your desired price for a movie night at your church. Be sure to choose an all-ages appropriate movie to ensure every family member can attend.

About Our Facility

The OTE Murrieta Summer Program is 5 weeks long held on the beautiful grounds of Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center.


  • Coffee Shop
  • Bookstore
  • Lake
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Gym
  • Recreation Room

and much more!

Included in your stay

At On the Edge you’ll have a life changing experience you’ll never forget. While you stay here in Murrieta, here are some of the things we’ll provide.


  • Housing for 5 weeks
  • Meals for 5 weeks
  • Bible Classes & Teachings
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Mission Trip Expenses
  • Outreaches
  • Worship Nights

and much more!

Apply for Summer